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When members of your team grow… so does your business!


It can be hard for sales people to flag up the fact that they might be struggling at work. This is especially the case when the workload is high, there’s pressure to knuckle down, power through the workload and keep personal concerns to oneself.

Employees may feel held back in some way or that their work isn’t engaging or challenging enough. Maybe some staff aren’t team players or struggle with technology issues? Perhaps even senior members have been bottling certain work-related issues up and don’t feel comfortable confiding in anyone?

PRC thrives on giving tailored holistic mentoring, providing a comfortable and completely confidential outlet for mentees to air their concerns, genuinely listening to them, and sharing pragmatic support that mentees can utilise themselves in the workplace.

How We Develop and Elevate Your Team

We collaborate with managers and business leaders to discuss and identify which team members could benefit from having an objective business mentor.

If a member of staff is open to mentoring, we establish a convenient time to frequently meet in a comfortable but confidential environment.

We agree on a short-term and long-term mentoring plan with the mentee.

We listen to the mentee, identify their strengths, weakness and where they could improve.

Working with the mentee, we establish short-term and long-term personal goals and break them down into smaller, less daunting steps to make their unique vision achievable.

At regular intervals, we will hold reviews with the mentee to give them feedback and evaluate their progress to pave the way for further improvement.

Why Would You Invest in a Business Mentor?

We offer expert support and insight based on many years of experience that aid business teams to help themselves, spot opportunities before they are missed and implement improvements on their own behalf.

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Success: “success is a journey not a destination.”

The freedom to talk to, and confide in someone non-judgemental and impartial outside the workplace. There are not many workplace dilemmas that we haven’t encountered! We have the skills to support you through even the most unusual, embarrassing or unconventional problems.

Having the steady and reliable routine of talking to a trusted person can be a huge advantage to mentees, giving them the security of a confidant that could result in an immediate spike in their motivation levels.

With our flexible approach, PRC’s mentoring service is a part-time, freelance post being a cost-effective alternative to hiring a permanent business mentor for your team. This also has the added value of saving other members of your team time as they are not required to double up as a mentor on top of their existing duties.

As your team grows, so does your business. Increase revenue and invest in growth by committing to PRC’s mentoring scheme.

Our Accreditations

ISM Endorsed Training Partners
Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce
Association of Business Mentors
ISM Fellow