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PRC was founded by Helen Smith a professional with many years of experience within the corporate world in sales, business development and training with a specialism in the facilities management industry. Recognising new purpose and an evolving passion to share experience to enable others, Helen founded PRC to do just this and now works as an independent consultant, coach, mentor and trainer.

Any organisation is only as successful as it’s people, so our mission and focus is on the investment and development of those people; providing inspiration and support to positively transform them enabling them to be the very best version of themselves.

Through designing and delivering workshops foccussed on the growth and development of people and their organisations we have built a reputation for creating customer services excellence.    Our coaching provides partnerships that stimulate thinking and new perspectives; we offer practical strategies that enable people to achieve outcomes they have identified themselves.

Our Mentoring services are relationships of support;  facilitating the development of skills and achievement of goals through a series of confidential one to one conversational engagements.            We possess the direct and appropriate levels of knowledge and experience to be able to do this within the selected areas with which we work.

From a consultancy perspective we specialise in working within the Facilities Management industry with Cleaning and Catering as core services; we are experts at ‘spotting the gaps’ and have collaborated with many cleaning professionals to help review the provision of their operations and all aspects of their business practices focussing on the maximisation of productivity.

Our Approach …….Investing in people is investing  in growth          We believe its  a ‘People’s Philosophy’.

Companies are about values, beliefs, Leadership and the fulfillment of clients’ needs; so the performance of employees is crucial this determines the success of a business. Individuals within a business need to be nurtured, Inspired and Motivated in order to be consistently productive. 

We put this unique view into action developing partnerships and focusing on vision and company ethos.

Why PRC?         Its all about Mindset! 

Beacause we’re people’s people! and because we’re realists in our approach, recognising the need for flexibility in both time and budgets especially in these unprecidented times.

PRC helps businesses to see things differently and provides independent and unbiased support; we want to enable senior management teams to maximise their valuable time to concentrate on core business issues. We can create this freedom for you to do the most important things you need to do, and what only you can do best: running your business!


Our Accreditations

ISM Endorsed Training Partners
Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce
Association of Business Mentors
ISM Fellow